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The farm ISFA was born in the middle of the nineteenth century and it is concerned with a production of industrial type and with an activity in agricultural field. The first oil production plant was created among Piazza Armerina's hills (EN) in the 90's, adopting techniques in accordance with the Olive Cultivation Institute of the C.N.R., Perugia. The best cultivar (Nocellara del Belice and Etnea, Biancolilla, Moresca, Leccino, Frantoio, Cerasuola, Don Carlo, and so on) have been selected there. To these we can add the cultivar certified by National Institute of Research ("FAVOLOSA - Fs17").
With care in accurate selecting and the adoption of techniques in cultivation in the respect of the surrounding we can obtain the best quality. The timely picking and the cold grinding allow us the production of extra virgin olive oils of great value. They are characterized by high stability, long preservation, low oxidation and they keep the freshness and natural taste of their fragrance.

La nostra azienda

C/da Leano Piazza Armerina

"LEANO" - It is an excellent blended extra virgin olive oil for all tastes, produced of "autoctone" cultivation.

"CANDILIA" - This product was born to satisfy the more exigent taste of consumer that, today, asks the right combination of oil with the dish to eat.

"FAVOLOSA - Fs17" - Fs17 " Produced with "Fs17" cultivations certfied by the C.N.R. of Perugia and guaranteed by its variety denomination.
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